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For Vessels From 45 to 200 Feet in Length

Yacht Visions is on a mission to redefine low-light yacht navigation!

The Yacht Cam Infrared Camera includes video ‘hotspot’ tracking which enables the camera to follow moving objects automatically! The Yacht Cam camera can receive and analyze NMEA0183 data from a radar device and move the PTZ camera accordingly to view the target indicated on radar. For example, if radar detects an object, the yacht captain can point at the target on the monitor and the radar will sends out NMEA0183 data to the camera. The camera will use this information to target and view the object in question. LEARN MORE »

Yacht Beam is a commercial-grade high power marine searchlight for vessels of 45 – 200+ feet. It is the most essential piece of equipment on board for night operation. Why risk using a basic low power light when our amazing luminous marine engineered searchlights can make night cruising turn into day cruising, at the touch of a military grade illuminating IP 69k joystick. LEARN MORE »